Overfire Air Smoke Abatement Systems

Overfire Air Smoke Abatement Systems

Smoke from any hand or stoker-fired plant is actually carbon or soot particles in the gases given off during the combustion process. These particles form when hydrocarbons in the fuel are broken down but do not burn because of lack of contact with oxygen in the proper temperature zone. Since soot is difficult to burn, the best way to eliminate or abate this soot, or smoke, is to prevent its formation.

The Will-Burt Overfire Jet System eliminates smoke by mixing air and unburned hydro carbons under proper conditions of temperature and time for complete combustion.

Every stoker or hand-fired boiler plant, regardless of the care exercised in its operation, will encounter a point in the operating range where overfire jets can be beneficial in eliminating smoke. Other benefits may also be realized, such as

  1. reduction of soot accumulation in boiler tubes
  2. lower stack temperature
  3. increased boiler efficiency

However, an overfire jet installation should not be considered as a substitute for proven design, proper equipment and good operating practices.


Stoker Size (lbs. per hour)150 – 400500 & 600750
Manifold Assembly No.201472014820149
Manifold Assembly Size4×325×446×49
Fan Assembly No., 1 Ph209402094220944
Fan Assembly No., 3 Ph209412094320945
Motor HP33
Control SectionBlower InletBlower InletBlower Inlet
Timing Panel ControlWill-Burt TP2Will-Burt TP2Will-Burt TP2
SSTL Jet Nozzle20290, 5X20290, 6X20290, 6X
Fan C.F.M.300500500
Static Pressure (in W.G.)101515
Air Duct between Blower
Outlet and Manifold
Customer SuppliedCustomer SuppliedCustomer Supplied